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We frequently get email from clients requesting the model number and brand of the rods, reels, and other gear they used on their Fort Myers fishing charter. In addition to giving you an honest review of the products we use everyday, we wanted to give you a look at the latest gear from around the outdoor industry.

Look for a variety of cool product reviews and at the end of the year we will put together out top ten products of the year review.

Fort Myers Fishing With Capt Eric AndersonGood Fishing and Tight Lines!
Capt Eric Anderson
What A Hawg Fishing Charters - Ft Myers, FL

Review Of Monic Sklyline 9wt Clear Tip Fly Line

Monic Fly Lines New GSP Clear Tip 9wtThe Monic GSP Skyline 9wt Clear Tip Floating Fly Line is one of the very best fly lines I've ever used. Read this extended use review to learn why this should be the next fly line you purchase.

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Fish-D-Funk Takes The Odor Out Of Fishing

Fish D Funk Gets Rid Of Fish OdorEvery once in a while a product comes along that truly deserves special recognition. Fish-D-Funk is one of those products that has been badly needed forever. I still hear my grandmother yelling at my grandfather be sure to clean up after we cleaned the fish and be sure we scrubbed everything down to get rid of the smell. if only we would've had Fish-D-Funk it would have saved me hours of scrubbing our fish cleaning station.

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Arctic Ice Cooler Packs Review

Artic Ice Cooler Packs

One of the best products that we came across at the 2015 ICAST show in Orlando was the Arctic Ice Cooler Packs. These are the best cooler packs we have ever used, read our complete review for all the details.

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