Fort Myers Fly Fishing School – Casting Lessons

We are proud to offer quality one on one fly casting instruction. So many of our clients struggle to cast a 9wt fly rod that we felt it was time to begin offering in-depth instruction for all skill levels of fly fisherman. From first time beginner to expert there is a fly fishing class that will help you become a better all around fly fisherman. When you are out on a charter is not the time to find out you need to improve your casting skills. We want you to spend your time fishing, not getting a rushed casting lesson from Capt Eric. Casting a fly rod is actually very easy, almost effortless, if you learn correctly. Just like golf or any other sport however you need to spend time practicing what you learned in class. By client request you will have you the opportunity to keep the gear you used in class, see the class listing below for more info.


Course Description
We will cover tackle, including rod and reel technology, choosing the right rod and reel for you, fly line selection and essential knots. You’ll learn to master the double-haul cast, learn false casting techniques, line management, and how to make short quick casts. Capt Eric will teach you sound fundamentals and instill the confidence you need to be a successful saltwater angler. You have the option to keep the fly rod, reel, and fly line that you used in the class, see the pricing info below.

Section 1 - Tackle


  • Fly rod action, tapers & flex – Fly Reels, proper drag setting
  • Fly line selection, tapers and weights
  • Fly selection, which flies to use and when, inducing a strike
  • Tying strong leaders, knots & tippets
Section 2 - Casting


  • Master the double haul cast
  • Effective false casting. learn to load the rod
  • Casting in the wind headwind and following
  • Making short quick follow-up casts
  • More casting!
Section 3 - Presentation

Fly Presentation & Fish Fighting

  • Setting up the fly line
  • Communicating with the a guide
  • Taking the shot, learn when to cast
  • Setting the hook, clearing the line
  • Applying angles and using pressure on big fish
Duration - Equipment Costs

All necessary fly-casting equipment is provided.
Class Duration 7 hrs – Call or email for available times, this class is available as time in our charter schedule permits.
Class Fee $295 Instruction Only
Class Fee $495 Instruction And Tackle – You keep the new rod, reel, and line you used in class.

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