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This is the master booking form for all of our fishing charter web sites.

Important Policies

Your deposit is 100% refundable if you cancel your charter with a minimum of 72 hrs notice before the date of your charter. If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice. Refunds: Please allow up to 30 days for your refund to show up on your CC statement. CC Companies are taking anywhere from 10 to 20 business days to process our refund request. Once your charter time has started, no refunds are given.

Our charter rates are based on 3 people fishing. You can add one additional angler for $50

Kids Under 13 Yrs Old:
I has been our experience that kids under 13 don’t have the hand-eye coordination¬† needed to cast a lure for hours on their own. You are welcome to bring kids as young as 8 yrs old, but remember that they will take time away from the parents fishing time. Your captain has to devote his time to adult clients and young kids unfairly monopolize the captains time. It is a judgement call and we suggest you give them some time to develop their angling skills at home. Having raised 4 kids I’m giving you the benefit my experience with kids and fishing.

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