Snook Fishing Charters In Fort Myers

Fort Myers Snook Fishing ChartersOur Snook fishing charters are for diehard Snook fisherman who don’t want to fish for anything else! If you fall into that category, then read on because our Fort Myers Snook fishing charters are tailor-made for you.

Fishing For Snook In Fort Myers

Fort Myers Snook Fishing Charters - Photo Of Big Back Country SnookThe Fort Myers area has some of the best Snook habitat in the entire state, and we have some great Snook fishing. The Snook fishing is consistent most of the year, To help you plan your fishing charter here is a seasonal breakdown. In the cold water months of November, December, January, and February the Snook move to the warmer backcountry waters and residential canals. This is the best time of the year to go night fishing for Snook, and since it gets dark early you don’t have to stay out super late. In early spring the Snook will onto the grass flats, Mangrove shorelines, and Oyster bars of Estero Bay. They begin to feed heavily in anticipation of the upcoming spawning run. In April the biggest fish will move from the grass flats out to the local passes, followed by the males a few weeks later. This can be some of the best Snook fishing of the year, so if you are visiting Fort Myers in March thru April you have to experience our great Snook fishing. With the help of Capt Eric Anderson one of the most experienced Fort Myers Fishing Guides you will have a fantastic charter.

What To Expect On Your Snook Fishing Charter

If you are happy catching numbers of Snook, then fishing early mornings and late afternoons provides some great action in the warmer months. During the cold water months night fishing is the best for numbers and big Snook. The great thing about Snook fishing is that they hit lures readily, similar to Largemouth Bass. Over the years of taking clients on our Fort Myers snook fishing charters we have developed an arsenal of lures that produce Snook under a wide variety of conditions. If your main goal is to catch a new personal best Snook, you will want to concentrate on night fishing. There is no doubt that the biggest Snook are caught at night or at first light in the morning. Fort Myers has a great year round Snook fishery that has few equals anywhere. Take a look at our night fishing photos and you’ll see that 99% of our biggest Snook are caught at night. We also catch Snook on our Fort Myers light tackle fishing charters.

Planning For Your Snook Fishing Charter

On our Fort Myers Snook fishing charters we have to limit the number of fishermen to a maximum of 3. You can add an additional person to your charter for an additional $50 charge. If you think about it, having more than three people casting lures at the same time is never a good idea. Our three fisherman rule has served us well for many years of safe fun fishing day and night. So please remember when booking your Snook fishing charter that you need to keep your group to three or less anglers and everyone will have a great time. Please remember to book as far in advance as you can especially right after the holidays and during spring break in March and April.

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