Our Fort Myers Light Tackle Charters

Fort Myers Light Tackle Fishing Charters - Photo Of PompanoThis is the most popular fishing charter we offer, instead of being focused on one particular species, we concentrate on the fish that have been biting the best just prior to your charter. We use a multi-species approach on our Fort Myers light tackle fishing charters. For example we may start fishing for Spec Sea Trout early in the morning and then switch tactics and start fishing the mangrove shorelines with jigs or topwater baits for Redfish or Snappers. The point is that we adapt to changing fishing conditions to keep you on the fish, and its nice to catch a variety of different species on your light tackle fishing charter.

Fort Myers Spec Trout Fishing

Fort Myers Light Tackle Fishing Charters - Spec Trout PhotoThis is one of the most dependable biters and highly sought after game fish in the Fort Myers area and they bite consistently nearly the entire year. They are active in the cool and cold water periods which coincides nicely with winter and spring break visitors. The diet of speckled trout consists of small crustaceans, shrimp, and small fish such as sprat and croakers. The average size is 14-18″ and they weigh about 1-3 lbs. These fish prefer sand and grass flats which is one of the reasons that Estero Bay is such fantastic trout fishing, in fact it is one of the best estuaries on the Florida gulf coast. Specks will spend most of the winter months in the deeper channels of the Inter Coastal Waterway or in the deeper potholes on the grass flats where they can warm up in the sun during the day. Speckled trout start getting more aggressive in March as the water in the shallows begins to warm, and from April thru the middle of June the fishing is nothing short of phenomenal as they gather in large schools and provide nearly non-stop top water action.

Fort Myers Snook Fishing

Fort Myers Light Tackle Fishing Charters - Photo Nice SnookThe Fort Myers area of Southwest FL has some of the best Snook fishing in the state. Our Snook fishing is consistent the entire year, the area we fish and the tactics we use change as the Snook move during the year. In the cold water months of November, December, January, and early February the Snook move from the bays and flats into the warmer waters of the rivers and residential canals. This is one of the best times of the year to go on a night fishing charter for Snook. Our Fort Myers night fishing charters are a client favorite and the fishing is excellent. Since it gets dark early you don’t have to stay out late to have great fishing. As the water warms in early spring the Snook will slowly move from the canals and rivers onto the grass flats, Mangrove shorelines, and Oyster bars of Estero Bay. They enjoy the warmer water and the bright sun to feed heavily in anticipation of the upcoming spawning run. Starting about the middle of April the biggest fish will have already moved from the grass flats out to the passes and beaches. They will be followed by the smaller males and females within a few weeks. This can be some of the best Snook fishing of the year, so if you are visiting Fort Myers from March thru April you have to experience the excitement of a fishing charter for Snook.

Fishing For Redfish In Fort Myers

Fort Myers Light Tackle Fishing Charters - Redfish PhotoRedfish used to be one of the more common fish found in the waters of Estero Bay, but they have declined in numbers the last 4 years. While we still catch redfish, they are more of an once in a while catch. The peak time for them is April thru October, and the Redfish still bunch up on the grass flats in the early fall and the topwater action can be spectacular. The toughest time to be fishing for Redfish is the cold water months from November thru March. That doesn’t mean that we don’t catch them, if the wind has been calm for a few days we can have some exciting sight fishing action.

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