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Fort Myers Shark Fishing Charters

Our Unique Approach To Shark Fishing Charters

Fort Myers Shark Fishing ChartersOur approach to Fort Myers Shark Fishing charters is very unique. We fish for them on the flats in water usually shallower than 5 feet. Instead of fishing in deep water where it can become a drawn out give-and-take fight these sharks come to the boat much faster. Fishing the flats shows you just how hard sharks can fight. They make long runs like a bonefish and then come back to the boat, before taking off on another long run.

When you’re fishing with us on a Fort Myers shark fishing charter, you often will be able to cast lures for other fish while waiting for a shark come into the boat which is a great added bonus. You have the chance to keep busy casting lures and catching a few other species of fish while out on your Fort Myers shark fishing charters.

The most exciting aspects of our shark fishing charters is that you can catch them on artificial lures as they approach the boat. Look closely a the photos and you will see that every shark was caught on a lure, not bait. Nearly every species of shark just don’t seem to be able to pass up the fast and erratic action top water lure. They may be skittish about approaching the boat or eating a piece of bait, but they have no reservations about crushing a fast-moving top water lure.

Fort Myers Area Ideal Shark Fishing Habitat

Fort Myers Shark Caught On A LureThe Fort Myers area is an ideal location for catching multiple species of sharks on the flats. You can look forward to fishing for Bull sharks, Black Tip sharks, Lemon sharks, Nurse sharks, and Bonnet Head sharks. A huge advantage when out on one of our Fort Myers shark fishing charters is that you are fishing in one location. We don’t have to waste your time running around in the boat looking for a new place to fish for sharks.


Fort Myers Shark Fishing Charters - Season

Shark fishing season is usually from the middle of May until the first severe cold front in October. Once the water dips below 75° they get lethargic and usually head out into the Gulf of Mexico for the protection of deep water. If you’re looking for one of the most exciting and drag pulling fish you can pursue we suggest that you book one of our Fort Myers shark fishing charters for this coming year and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Fort Myers Shark Fishing Charters - What To Expect

The most important thing you need to know about shark fishing is that it’s not at all like what tend to see on the Discovery Channel you’re not going to get a feeding frenzy of sharks around the boat. For the most part sharks are solitary hunters so they come into the boat one at a time and it’s up to the angler to carefully fish for them being cognizant not to spook them.

What We Supply For Your Charter

  • Fishing License
  • All Tackle Needed
  • Lures and Flies
  • Cooler Available
  • Ice Cold Water
  • Other Support Items

What You Should Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Snacks
  • Light Jacket
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Soft Drinks
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