Fort Myers Fishing Charter Reviews – We Earn Our 5 Stars

Than you to all of the clients that took the time to leave us a review of our Fort Myers fishing charters. We work very hard for every client and everyone recognizes that. We always say that your Fishing Charter is about making memories. Often the best memories have nothing to do with the fishing, it’s some other event on the water that makes the day! Enjoy these reviews, I hope they convey how much fun our clients have.

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Ray Latchford
Review By Ray Latchford

My son and I went fishing last week with Captain Eric and had a good time. We saw an amazing amount of dolphins, I had no idea there were so many in the bays I always thought they were in the gulf. We caught quite a few fish including 1 40 inch tarpon that jumped like crazy. Captain Eric is very nice and showed us a few tricks that made our casting a lot better. Hopefully we can book him again on our next trip I highly recommend captain Eric for your next fishing charter, you'll have a great time

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Steve Sutton
Review By Steve Sutton

We went on our first night fishing charter with Capt Eric Anderson and had a great time. He worked very hard to help two rookie fisherman catch fish. Capt Eric has to be the worlds most patient teacher. We finally got the hang of it and caught some nice Snook! We saw a ton of fish and had we been better fisherman we would have caught a bunch. Can't wait to book our next Fort Myers Night fishing charter with Capt Eric, he is a real pro and fun to be in the boat with.

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Jon Hudspeth
Jon Hudspeth

I took my first ever saltwater fishing charter with Capt. Eric Anderson and I ended up catching a nice snook and a big Jack all in about an hour. I also did it at night with help from Capt Eric. It was a great time and now I'm really hooked on saltwater fishing.

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - John Q
Review By Jim M.

On hooking, and fighting, and ultimately losing a giant Tarpon Jim wrote: "Let me tell you this Eric, that was in the top 2 of all my fishing charter adventures, and I truly thank you."

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - John Q
Review By Amy P

We had a fantastic time fly fishing and trolling with Capt. Eric. The scenery was beautiful and Eric was very knowledgeable about the area and fishing. I highly recommend this as a part of your Florida vacation.

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Chris Rizzo
Review By Chris Rizzo

I had to leave a review for Capt Eric. My wife and I booked a charter for Tarpon last week and we both caught our very first one 🙂 Capt Eric was very helpful and really put us on the fish, we saw Tarpon rolling the entire 4 hour charter. We called other Ft Myers Fishing guides and they told us that Tarpon fishing was over. When we called Capt Eric he said no problem and took the time to even contact us by email to make sure we knew where to meet him. Very personable and knowledgeable, would give him 6 stars if we could.

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Walter Skruch
Review By Walt Skruch

This was the second Fort Myers fishing charter I've taken with capt Eric. My wife and I had a great time and we both caught some nice snook and I caught my personal best. Thanks to Capt Eric I have been able to cross several species off my bucket list, especially the big Tarpon I caught 2 years ago. Capt Eric coached me during that fight and I believe I would have never landed that big fish with the advice. We will fish with him again and highly recommend him, he really makes sure that you have fun.

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Sergio Diaz
Review By Sergio Diaz

I have been a serious fly fisherman all my life and really wanted to catch a big Snook on a fly rod. I had tried several times before with other guides but they really didn't understand fly fishing or fly fisherman. Capt Eric was unbelievable, he described the area we were going to fish and how he wanted me to retrieve the fly. When we got to the spot, He said "cast right there" and on the second cast BANG I hooked and landed this giant Snook of a lifetime. I swear he thinks like a fish, we caught several more Snook that morning. If you're a serious fly fisherman book Capt Eric, I'm sure glad I did!

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Rachel Bryan
Review By Rachel Bryan

We were in Ft Myers last week for a family vacation and booked Capt. Eric for an afternoon fishing charter. The weather was beautiful and we saw a Manatee in a shallow bay and several dolphins. We caught several trout, and a bunch of sheepshead around the docks. Capt Eric was very friendly and went out of his way to make sure that everyone caught at least a few fish. I even caught a couple and I didn't plan on fishing. My husband and son had a great time. We will definitely book Capt Eric this summer for a Tarpon fishing charter ( on my hubby's bucket list). If there were 6 stars he would have earned that and recommend him highly.

Fort Myers Fishing Charters Review - Client Photo
Review By Greg Callahan

Great fishing. There are many guides who can take you fishing and then there are guides like Eric who know how to hunt fish. We did the latter -in the dark, with fly rods. I've been fly fishing for 25 years and can tell quickly who knows their stuff and who doesn't, Eric simply knows how to fish. Highly recommend Captain Eric. He told us how things would go down after it got dark, and after it got dark all those things happened, textbook. Except for the surprise dolphin next to the boat trying to ruin everything. He knows the area, the fishing, the fish, the tactics. If you don't catch fish it's likely not his fault. We'll fish with him again. Thanks for the trip, a professional among professionals and an outstanding angler and sportsman.

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Jared S
Review By Timothy M

Went fishing in Ft Myers today with Capt Eric. We had a good time and saw some Manatees doing some weird headstand behavior. It was crazy seeing those big animals splashing and swirling. It had been very windy and the water was cloudy. Capt Eric worked long and hard to find slightly clearer water and when he found the right spot we caught redfish, trout, and lots of ladyfish. I would highly recommend booking a fishing with Capt Eric Anderson if you ever visit Fort Myers!

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Mike Souza

Had a great time on our half day afternoon charter. Caught lots of Spec Trout and enjoyed the warm weather! Capt Eric did an excellent job!

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Heather F
Review By Heather F

Saw lots of dolphins on our fishing trip. If you want to go on a fishing charter in Fort Myers with a very personable Captain then book your with What A Hawg Charters. Excellent family trip, especially for kids.

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Karen G
Review By Karen G

On vacation with friends so I got talked into going fishing. Much to my surprise I actually had fun watching my friends catch fish and Capt. Eric talked me into fishing even though I didn't want to. Helped me cast and I actually caught a fish! Wanted to leave this review to say thanks and to recommend this business and Capt Eric

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Katie H
Review By Katie H

Caught my first redfish and it was on a topwater lure while fishing with What A Hawg Charters. Capt Eric taught me how to "walk the dog" funny term 🙂 with the lure in the shallow water and it worked. I learned a bunch about using lures. If you are looking for a fun time fishing then I highly recommend going out fishing with them.

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Ryan Price
Review By James Rice

My wife and I came down to Fort Myers for our honeymoon. Just to break the routine, we decided to do some fishing with Captain Eric Anderson. I caught a nice Snook right away! Capt. Eric is great company and will put you on some on good fish. My wife caught a beautiful snook, the biggest fish she ever caught!

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Reviews - Client Photo
Review Chris Malach

Captain Eric is honest thus he gets a full throated five star review. Here is why. We contacted Eric about a night fishing trip about a month before the date in June. Four days before our trip a tropical storm hit. Eric promptly called and let us know that the night fish wouldn't be the best idea as thunderstorms were still drilling the area. We said ok and he moved us to a Friday morning fishing trip. Now here's the HONESTY. I'm flying down to Florida. Captain Eric pre-fished all the spots we were going to go on the Friday morning trip. Not a single bite. He spent six hours checking the holes for us. Landed to a message from Eric. And his recommendation? Cancel the charter, save your money, don't fish. We did everything we could to convince him to fish. Save your money. Friday morning? Thunderstorms, thunderstorms, and more thunderstorms. Hotel had a fishing pond. Even those fish weren't biting. That's honesty. He could have easily given us a $400 boat ride; what would we have known? He didn't. If the man fishes they way he conducts himself; well, you're in for a darn good fishing trip. Honesty matters and I appreciate the work that Captain Eric put in to tell us not to fish. Tells me the man can really catch them when they are running.

Fort Myers Fishing Charter Review Client Photo - Ron Cox
Review By Ron Cox

Fishing with Capt. Eric was a great experience. I wanted to catch some Snook -- and Eric hooked me up! I also learned some new tips and tricks from him and really appreciated his knowledge, it was an added bonus to the day. It ended up being a great 'personal' day on my family vacation where I could do something I wanted to do! Thanks Capt Eric for a great trip!

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