Exciting Fort Myers Night Fly Fishing Charters

Fort Myers Night Fly Fishing Charters - Photo Of Nice SnookThis is our most popular fly fishing charter for several reasons. You will see 100’s of Snook on an average night and you are able to see the fish strike your fly. Night fly fishing is a unique experience that very few fly fisherman ever get to experience. If you’re wondering if a night fishing charter might right be for you, take a good look at the photos in our night fishing slide-show. Sight fishing at night is the most compelling reason to book a Fort Myers night fly Fishing charters.

Areas We Fly Fish At Night

Our Fort Myers fly fishing night charters depart 30 to 45 minutes before dark so that our eyes have a chance to adapt the darkness so your night vision is ready to go when its time to make that first cast. We will be fly fishing the underwater and above water lights in residential canals and tidal creeks. These lights attract 100’s of Snook that feed on the bait that is attracted to the lights. Fishing at night is much like sight fishing the grass flats during the day where you can see the fish you’re trying to catch. The great thing about night fishing in Fort Myers is that it is much harder for the fish to see you, but they are very spooky and the slightest noise or splash from a lure will scatter them immediately.

Fly Tackle and Tactics We Use For Night Fishing

You will be casting a 9wt or 10wt fly rod and our special flies to areas that have a good reflected light from nearby structures. These areas are often overlooked and can hold the biggest Snook. The bright dock lights hold numbers and the low light areas hold the biggest fish. Once you see much fun it is to fish at night, it might just become your favorite way to fish. The majority of the fish we catch at night are Snook. In addition we catch a large number speckled trout, Jack Creville, Ladyfish and an occasional Tarpon.

Planning For Your Night Fly Fishing Charter

On our Fort Myers night fly fishing charters we have to limit the number of fishermen to a maximum of 2. Having more than two people casting fly rods at the same time is never a good idea, especially at night. Our two fisherman rule has served us well for many years of safe fun fishing day and night. So please remember when booking your night fly fishing charter that you need to keep your group to two or less anglers and everyone will have a great time.

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