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Fort Myers Night Fly Fishing Charters

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Video Of Our Fort Myers Night Fly Fishing Charters

On an average night it’s not unusual to see well over 200 Snook and have a good chance at catching one over 30 inches. In addition there are many low intensity lights that hold the largest Snook

If you’ve never been fly fishing at night it might seem like it would be much harder then fly fishing during the day. In fact the opposite is true, because you’re focused on a single target your casts tend to be more accurate and your focus is much better. There is nothing like seeing 20 or 30 Snook swimming in a tight circle and watch one turn and hit your fly.

Our Fort Myers night fly fishing charters are for Snook and Tarpon, although you never know what that next cast may bring. There are always some bonus fish like speckled trout, ladyfish, and others.

We fish areas that are close to artificial sources of light that attract the Snook. In addition we will also be fishing many of the residential canals where the owners have placed lights on the bottom to attract fish. Fly fishing is one of the best, if not the best way, to catch these fish. They can be very spooky around the lights and the stealthy presentation provided by fly fishing is perfect for getting these fish to bite.

Preparing For Your Fort Myers Night Fly Fishing Charter
Fort Myers Night Fly Fishing ChartersWe are dedicated to making this the best Fly fishing charter you have ever taken. Even though we stated it below, please practice casting at night.Here’s A Tip For Casting At Night:In order for your first cast to be exactly the right distance, measure your cast first. Cast off to the side away from where you are going to cast until you have the right amount of line out. Then all you have to do is pickup the line with one forceful back cast and then drive the cast to the spot the fish are feeding. This takes practice, but a 9wt or heavier rod can easily list all the line at once, and then that load will let you cast it right to the desired spot on the forward stroke. Look for a demo video of how I do this on our Lake 2 Sea Outdoors channel on YouTubeOn your Fort Myers night fly fishing charters  you will be fishing with a 9wt fly rod so it’s very important that you’re proficient casting at least 40 feet before you arrive for your charter. If you don’t have access to a nine weight fly rod let us know ahead of time and we can schedule some one-on-one instruction time before your charter.Casting at night is very different than casting during the day for most fly fisherman. Everyone is used to watching their fly line in order to judge distance. Obviously at night you can’t see your fly line so the best way to learn to accurately cast at night is to measure your cast off to the side of your intended target so that you can be confident that you have just the right amount of fly line to reach. SEE TIP ABOVEFly fishing at night requires precision casting skills and with a little practice you can get good at estimating how much line you need to reach a target. Remember you will have Capt. Eric by your side to help you with those first few casts until you get the feel for casting at night. Spend as much time as you can  practice casting as much as possible with a 9wt fly rod before your fishing charter.In addition you might want to try our light tackle Fort Myers Night Fishing Charters, for your first night fishing experience. For die hard fly fishermna than you have to go tarpon fishing with us. There is nothing like a Fort Myers Fly Fishing For Tarpon Charters

What We Supply For Your Charter

  • Fishing License
  • All Tackle Needed
  • Lures and Flies
  • Cooler Available
  • Rain Gear
  • Other Support Items

What You Should Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Snacks
  • Light Jacket
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