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Fort Myers Night Fishing Charters

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Video Of Our Fort Myers Night Fishing Charters

On an average night it’s not unusual to see well over 200 Snook and have a good chance at catching one over 30 inches. We also offer Fort Myers Light Tackle Inshore Charters, Fort Myers Shark Fishing Charters, Fort Myers Tarpon Fishing Charters, and many more.

Most anglers never go night fishing for a variety of reasons. When you go night fishing in Fort Myers with an experienced Fort Myers night fishing fishing guide you can expect a safe and exciting trip.

Our Fort Myers night fishing charters are for Snook and Tarpon, although you never know what that next cast may bring. There are always some bonus fish like speckled trout, ladyfish, and others.

Just watch our night fishing video preview and you’ll see why going on one of our Fort Myers night fishing charters is a fantastic experience.If you’re wondering if a Fort Myers night fishing charter might be the perfect charter  for you, give us a call if you have questions. or just Book It!

We fish areas that are close to artificial sources of light that attract the Snook. In addition we will also be fishing many of the residential canals where the owners have placed lights on the bottom to attract fish.  Snook can be very spooky around the lights and a stealthy presentation is required to get the Snook to bite.

What To Expect On Your Fort Myers Night Fishing Charters

Fort Myers Night Fishing ChartersOn the charter you will be fishing with spinning tackle so you will be using tackle that will be familiar to you. Casting at requires you to be a good judge of distance. We have some tricks that will help you to become a better all around fisherman.  Remember you will have Capt. Eric by your side to help you with those first few casts until you get the feel for casting at night.

You will be casting lures to areas that have good reflected light from nearby structures. These areas are often overlooked and can hold the biggest Snook. The bright dock lights hold numbers and the low light areas hold the biggest fish. Once you see how much fun it is to fish at night, it might just become your favorite way to fish. The majority of the fish we catch at night are Snook. In addition we catch a Jack Creville, Ladyfish and an occasional Tarpon. Give our Fort Myers Night Fishing Charters a try

Planning For Your Fort Myers Night Fishing Charters

On our Fort Myers night fishing charters we have to limit the number of fishermen to a maximum of 3. Things have to be very organized at night and trying to manage more than 3 fisherman in not a good idea.

Casting at night is very different than casting during the day for most fisherman. Everyone is used to watching their line or lure in order to judge distance. Obviously at night you can’t see your line or lure. The best way to learn to accurately cast at night is to measure your cast off to the side of your intended target so that you can be confident that you have just the right amount power to reach the target.


Get your favorite spinning rod and learn how to skip any lure under a dock. The noise created by a skipping lure matches the sound of fleeing bait. If you can master this technique you will have a fantastic night of fishing (one of your best ever). There is a second and more important reason to learn to skip a lure. Most everyone who tries to fish at night just casts into an area where they see fish. The resulting splash sound in NOT natural and the fish will spook immediately. Watch our show Lake 2 Sea Outdoors on YouTube, we have a video on exactly how to skip a bait.

In addition having more than three people casting lures (especially at night) is never a good idea, Our three fisherman rule has served us well for many years of safe fun fishing day and night. So please remember when booking your night fishing charter that you need to keep your group to three or less anglers and everyone will have a great time.

What We Supply For Your Charter

What You Should Bring

  • Fishing License
  • All Tackle Needed
  • Lures and Flies
  • Cooler Available
  • Ice Cold Water
  • Other Support Items
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Snacks
  • Light Jacket
  • Soft Drinks
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