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Book a Fort Myers fishing charter without having to wait, so book your charter right now! All charters and eco tours are private and we need 24 hrs notice to plan your trip. Everything is included license, water, tackle, and Fun. Note: 4 person max on fishing charters, 6 person max on Dolphin and Manatee tours.
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What A Hawg Charters 40 years of fishing charter excellenceWhen Booking a Fort Myers fishing charter you make an investment in us. We honor that trust by trying to keep boat rides short, more fishing time for you. No fussing with live bait, by casting with using our custom lures you spend more time fishing. Your charter is about making memories and we never forget that.

Fort Myers Fishing Charters – Fishing Guides – Fly Fishing

Fort Myers Fishing Charters Light Tackle FishingWhat A Hawg Charters offers affordable inshore Fort Myers fishing charters and we are full time fishing guides. Our service area means we offer Fort Myers fishing charter close to you.  The fishing charters listed below are once again our most popular for 2020.  We offer 1/2 day (4hrs) and full day (8hrs) fishing trips for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Spec Trout and Largemouth Bass Fishing. On most of our fishing charters you will see Dolphins and Manatees while you are out fishing. ​Call or text us if you have any questions, and if you know your dates go ahead and reserve your fishing charter today using our secure, online booking system. Whether you are an expert fisherman, a casual angler, or a first timer, our Fort Myers fishing charters are a fun and memorable fishing adventure. Click here to see our updated service area for 2020

Planning A Fort Myers Fishing Charter

Fort Myers Fishing Charters Girl With Nice SnookIf you’re looking for Fishing Guides in Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach Fishing Guides, then you’re in the right place. Join Capt Eric Anderson and Capt Scott Anderson,  our expert fishing guides for a 4hr (1/2 Day) or an 8hr (full day) Fishing Charter for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish,and Spec Trout.

At What A Hawg Fishing Charters our guides have over 46 years combined experience taking client on  guided fishing charter trips in the Fort Myers  and Fort Myers Beach areas. We offer a variety of private fishing charters and Dolphin / Manatee watching tours. We specialize in fishing the in-shore and back country flats using light tackle spinning and Fly Fishing gear for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, and Spec Trout. Fort Myers is an area that offers some of the best backwater fishing in SW Florida so there’s always something biting year round. We are proud to offer great Fort Myers Bass Fishing Charters / Trips on Local Lakes not some far off body of water. Our Fort Myers and Ft Myers Beach fishing charters are always fun and action packed! Perfect trips for families, a group of friends or just fish on your own. We customize every one of our fishing charters to accommodate your needs. If you have a special need or want something that isn’t listed as included in our charter give us a call and we will set it up for you.  Don’t forget to give our Fort Myers Night Fishing charters a try, if you haven’t been night fishing you are missing out on a great experience!

Fort Myers Tarpon Fishing Charters

Fort Myers Tarpon Fishing ChartersWe offer Fort Myers Tarpon fishing charters and Ft Myers Beach Tarpon fishing charters for our resident Tarpon, not the hit or miss migrating Tarpon in the Gulf of Mexico. They bite everyday and the fishing begins in April and runs thru the end of October most years.Nearly every fisherman in the world wants to catch a Tarpon and check it off of their lifetime bucket list. The Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach area of Florida is the number one destination for Tarpon fishing from April through October each year.

The start of the bite coincides with the point where water temperatures reach 80° on a consistent basis. Sometimes this can occur as early as the middle of March, while other years it may not be until the first part of May.  So much depends on how many days with lows in the 40’s and l50’s we had. That’s why you should always call us if you really want to catch a Tarpon but will be here early to mid March you just never know so always be sure to call or email us to see how realistic your chances are. The biggest factor is water temperature, and once the water hits 80 degrees the Tarpon seem to start biting immediately. This April bite can be the fastest and most thrilling Tarpon fishing of the year. In addition we offer Fort Myers and Ft Myers Beach fly fishing charters for Tarpon. More Charter Info

Fort Myers Light Tackle Fishing Charters

Fort Myers Fishing With Kids We offer our light tackle fishing charters all year long, but the most popular time for our Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach fishing charters is the October through April time frame. In the wintertime the cooler water temperatures are perfect for redfish, speckled sea trout, Jack Creville, and a large variety of other fish. If you’re looking for lots of action the charter you want to book is our Fort Myers – Fort Myers Beach light tackle inshore fishing charter to book all year long, unless you have to have a Tarpon as we mentioned above.

Luckily time of the year when the fishing is best happens to be the same time most people are having their spring vacation or coming to baseball spring training coincides with spring break and baseball spring training.This is our most popular Fort Myers fishing charter Ft Myers Beach Fishing Charter for fisherman of all ages and experience levels. Our goal is to fish for the species that have been the most active the day before your charter. This gives us the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions quickly. You will be busy casting lures to areas that hold good numbers of active fish. Our multi-species approach to our Fort Myers light tackle fishing charters means that we often switch to new areas and different techniques. This gives you the best chance to catch a variety of fish on your charter. More Info Here

Fort Myers Night Fishing Charters

Fort Myers Night Fishing For TarponOur Fort Myers night fishing charters and Ft Myers Beach night fishing charters depart 30 to 45 minutes before dark so we arrive where we will start fishing at twilight. You will be fishing the dock and underwater lights in the canals and back country creeks in the Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach area. We also have Fort Myers Night Fly fishing charters as well, either way you have to try night fishing and you’ll see why we love it so much. Yes those are Tarpon on that light, and we catch quite a few at night beginning in mid March. More Info Here

Fort Myers Fishing Reports

We are bringing back our Fort Myers fishing reports due to a lack of current fishing reports available on the web. Our goal with these Fort Myers fishing reports is to give anglers that are interested in fishing in the Fort Myers area a decent Fort Myers fishing report with the information they need when they go fishing. Everything in saltwater fishing boils down to a three variables, number one is water temperature, second is water clarity, and third in saltwater is the tide. While the same can be said for anywhere you go fishing, the main difference is the tides.  Click Here for our latest Fort Myers fishing reports

Fort Myers Dolphin and Manatee Tours

Fort Myers Dolphin - Manatee ToursWe spend over 250 days a year on water so we know the very best places for you to see Dolphins and Manatees. The Fort Myers – Ft Myers Beach area has an abundance of Dolphins and they are always ready to play in the boat wake. You can book your Dolphin – Manatee trip now, or learn more about our Dolphin and Manatees tours here. This is a great trip for the entire family. More Info Here

Fort Myers Bass Fishing Charters / Trips

Fort Myers Bass Fishing 8lb BassYou will be bass fishing on large private lakes in the Fort Myers area where there are bass over 10lbs, and bass from 6lbs to 8lbs are common. It has taken us years to find the few lakes that meet these demanding requirements. We are proud to give you the chance to go bass fishing in the Fort Myers area, instead of a some distant lake hours away.
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