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Fort Myers Fishing Charters - Light Tackle and Fly Fishing
Tarpon ● Snook ● Spec Trout ● Redfish ● Sharks and More.
Fort Myers Fishing Charters
Fort Myers Fishing Charters
Tarpon, Snook, Trout Redfish

Fort Myers Fishing Charters - Fishing Guides - Fly Fishing

We offer affordable Fort Myers fishing charters. There are very few fishing guides in Florida that can match our years of experience. We are a full time family owned Fort Myers fishing guide service. You will be fishing the calm inshore waters from Estero Bay south to the 10k Islands. Catch Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Spec Trout, Sharks and more. Never worry about rough waters, we only fish the flats, back country creeks and bays where the water is always calm, and there are always plenty of places to fish out of the wind if conditions warrant.

About Fishing In Fort Myers

Fort Myers is located in the heart of the best fishing area in Florida, which is why we choose this area to offer our Fort Myers fishing charters years ago There is more diverse fishing habitat here in Southwest FL than anywhere else in the state. From the Caloosahatchee River on the north to Estero Bay at our doorstep, the Fort Myers area is an inshore fishing paradise.

We also offer fishing charters in the 10K islands area of Everglades National Park. The 10K region offers perhaps the best Snook fishing in FL. The Snook had a “super spawn event” after Hurricane Irma that resulted in massive numbers of Snook that are now 20” on average and larger. When you hook that first fish in the peaceful surroundings of Fort Myers you will know you picked the best place in FL for a fishing charter.

Fort Myers Fishing Guide Capt. Eric Anderson
Capt Eric Anderson - What A Hawg Fort Myers Fishing Charters Capt Eric Anderson is a full time Fort Myers fishing guide A resident of the Fort Myers area, where he spends 200+ days a year on the water. Capt Eric started guiding in 1980 and has been a fishing guide for everything from Trout to Tarpon
Fort Myers Fishing Guide Capt Scott Anderson

Fort Myers Fishing Guide & Fort Myers Beach Fishing Guide Capt Scott Anderson has been an avid angler his entire life. Scott won his first fishing tournament at age 8, getting a prize and winning a trophy sealed the deal for Scott.

Fort Myers Charter Reviews - What Our Clients Have To Say

Here’s a a couple of the many review we have received from clients over the years.  It might surprise you to know how memorable our clients are to us, we love to see them when they return every year.

Lost Giant Tarpon On Fort Myers Tarpon Fishing Charter
Bill Beaton

Top 2 Fishing Memories

5 Star Review Rating For What A Hawg Charters On hooking, and fighting, and ultimately losing a giant Tarpon Jim wrote: “Let me tell you this Capt Eric, that was in the top 2 of all my fishing charter adventures, and I truly thank you.”

Great Fort Myers Tarpon Fishing Charter
Chris Rizzo

Great Fort Myers Tarpon Fishing Charter

5 Star Review Rating For What A Hawg ChartersI had to leave a review for Capt Eric. My wife and I booked a charter for Tarpon last week and we both caught our very first one 🙂 Capt Eric was very helpful and really put us on the fish, we saw Tarpon rolling the entire 4 hour charter. We called other Ft Myers Fishing guides and they told us that Tarpon fishing was over. When we called Capt Eric he said no problem and took the time to even contact us by email to make sure we knew where to meet him. Very personable and knowledgeable, would give him 6 stars if we could.

Fort Myers Fishing Report

Our goal with our Fort Myers fishing reports is to give anglers a different fishing report format that we hope will help you catch more fish. You will find a summary of what the weather and water conditions were, AND what lures we used to have a successful day on the water. You will find out the best areas to fish in the Fort Myers area. Fishing success almost always depends on how you well you interpret the water temperature, clarity, tide, and matching your presentation to the conditions. While the same can be said for anywhere you go fishing, we hope our reports will help you catch more fish.

Fort Myers Fishing Charters For Tarpon

Fort Myers Tarpon Fishing Charters - Tarpon Fishing Guides An Early December Tarpon (we catch ’em in the winter every year)

When Does Tarpon Fishing Season Start In Fort Myers?

Our Fort Myers Fishing Charters for Tarpon fishing in Fort Myers usually starts by the 1st of April most years, it all depends on the water temp hitting 80 degrees. First and most important for our Tarpon Fishing clients. We fish for our resident Tarpon only, they are dependable biters, and we never have to go looking for them. 99.9% of the Charter Captains in Fort Myers that guide for Tarpon chase the migrating Tarpon in the Gulf of Mexico.

We don’t feel it is ethical to take you on a fish hunt, looking for a school of migrating Tarpon. Our local Tarpon are always in the same places and don’t move much all year. They range in size from 35″ to 70″ (from 15 to 80 lbs approx) There are days when you will see 100’s of rolling and feeding Tarpon all around he boat.

To get detailed information Fort Myers Fishing Charters for Tarpon click here Most important of all is that we DO NOT use live bait, we have been designing our own Tarpon lures and flies for Tarpon. The last thing we want you to do is have you wait for a bite. You will be casting lures to actively feeding Tarpon the entire charter.We will help you check a Tarpon off your bucket list.

Fort Myers Fishing Charters For Snook

Capt Eric Anderson Holding Big Fort Myers Snook

When Is The Best Time To Fish For Snook?

In the Fort Myers – Ft Myers Beach area we have some of the best Snook fishing in Florida, and they bite year round. They love top water lures in the summer and in the winter they crush our custom made Snook lures.

Our Fort Myers Night Fishing Charters are great fun as well and you get to see 100’s of Snook. We are the only fishing guides in Fort Myers that specialize in night fishing for Snook. We catch them all year on lures in the Fort Myers back country canals and lagoons.

The best time of the year to fish for Snook is from October thru May. In the summer than head into the Gulf to spawn and get fairly spread out. The rest of the year we always depend on them for consistent action.

Fort Myers Fishing Charters For Sharks

Fort Myers Shark Fishing ChartersFort Myers Shark Fishing Season

Shark fishing season is usually from the middle of May until the first severe cold front in October. Once the water dips below 75° they get lethargic and usually head out into the Gulf of Mexico for the protection of deep water. If you’re looking for one of the most exciting and drag pulling fish you can pursue we suggest that you book one of our Fort Myers shark fishing charters for this coming year and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

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