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Capt Eric Anderson - Fort Myers Fishing Guide Fishing Charters Is Our Full Time Business
Don't settle for anything less than a full time fishing guide, you deserve the quality experience that only a full time professional can provide. I strive to make your Fort Myers fishing charter a memorable experience, and I encourage you to read our fishing charter reviews they speak volumes about our dedication to our clients. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Capt Eric Anderson

We specialize in offering Fishing Charters using light tackle and fly fishing gear on the flats and in the back bays of Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach Florida. Just south of Fort Myers is Estero Bay which has an extensive network of lagoons, mangrove islands, tidal creeks and rivers. Whether you are an expert fisherman, a casual angler, or a first time fisherman, our Fort Myers fishing charters are a fun and memorable adventure. We offer a wide variety of Fort Myers fishing charters that enable us to meet the needs of even the most demanding anglers. Our fishing charters are conveniently located less than a 20 minute drive from Ft. Myers, Naples, and Fort Myers Beach.

You Will Be Actively Involved On Your Fishing Charter

On your charter you will be casting lures to actively feeding fish, and we supply you with the very best rods, reels, and lures available. Since you will be casting we want you to be focused on the fishing, not struggling with the tackle. We want every client on our Fort Myers fishing charters to be actively involved all the time. We rarely use live bait since sitting and waiting for a bite can get boring in a hurry! We will use shrimp combined with lures on occasion in the cooler months when the conditions warrant, but most of the time it isn't necessary. More than 90% of our clients tell us "they would rather catch one fish on a lure than ten on live bait." When you book a fishing charter with us its nice to know that your Fort Myers fishing guides feel the same way you do when it comes to using live bait.

Our Custom Bluewater and ActionCraft Flats Boats

Our Fort Myers Fishing Charter Boats
Our Bluewater Flats Boat
Huge Deck On Our Bluewater  Boat
Our 2013 ActionCraft Flats Boat
Deck Of Our ActionCraft Boat
The diverse areas we fish on our Ft Myers charters require boats that draws less than a foot of water, are very stable, and are able to manuver easily in narrow creeks and canals. They must also be capable of being polled quietly in skinny water stalking redfish and Snook on the flats. Both of our boats provide a stable casting platform, have lots of deck space for our clients, and deliver a stable dry ride when the wind picks up. Both of our boats are 18 1/2 feet long which has proven to be the perfect size for the waters we fish. We wanted you to see how much deck space our boats have and how easy they are to fish from. Instead of showing our boats running across the water, we wanted to show you close-up detailed photos so you can see how the boats are laid out.

When booking your next Fort Myers light tackle or fly fishing charter it is very important to find out what type of boat you will be fishing from. No matter how good the fishing is, if the boat is not setup for the style of fishing you want to do, nothing can ruin a trip faster. Our clients are avid light tackle and fly fisherman and they need to know that the boat won't impede their ability to cast.

Book Your Fort Myers Fishing Charter With Us Today

Book a fishing charter with us in Fort Myers and experience a day of outstanding fishing action. Capt Eric Anderson and Capt Scott Anderson are both excellent Fort Myers fishing guides and they will put you on the fish.  We offer a wide variety of fishing charters including; Fort Myers Tarpon fishing charters, our very popular Fort Myers inshore charters and don't forget our Ft Myers night fishing charters that are great fun. Our charter locations are convenient and flexible for clients in Ft. Myers and Fort Myers Beach. Whether you're looking for an expert fishing guide to take you on an angling adventure, show you the local marine mammals, or point out the great variety of birds common to the area we have you covered.

Fort Myers Fly Fishing School - Private Instruction

We want to get more anglers involved in the great sport of fly fishing, and the best way to do that by teaching new and returning clients the proper techniques required to cast the 10wt to 12wt fly rods that saltwater fly fishing often demands. So many clients struggle to cast a 9wt fly rod that we wanted to offer in-depth one on one instruction for all skill levels of fly fisherman. From beginners to experts there is a class that will help you become a better all around saltwater fly fisherman. Complete information on our Fort Myers Fly Fishing School...

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