Our Experienced Fort Myers Fishing Guides

Meet the father and son team of Capt Eric Anderson and Capt Scott Anderson. Many years of hard work and dedication have allowed our business to grow steadily every year. Finally in 2015 we had grown to the point where we needed to add another guide to keep up with the demand. Fortunately Capt Scott Anderson, Capt Eric’s son was the perfect solution for the company, and is an excellent fisherman and guide in his own right. Scott grew up learning first hand what it takes to be a top notch fishing guide from one of the best in the industry.

Capt Eric Anderson

Fort Myers Fishing GuidesCapt Eric Anderson is a full time Fort Myers fishing guides and resident of the Fort Myers area, where he spends over 250 days a year on the water. He started guiding in 1980 and has guided for everything from Trout to Tarpon in Colorado, Minnesota, Florida, and the Caribbean. Early on he discovered a passion for writing about the tactics and techniques he developed by spending so much time on the water every year. He has been a contributor to many outdoor publications including In-Fisherman, Walleye-Insider, All-At-Sea, and many others. In addition, Capt Eric has been featured on nationally syndicated television and radio shows. He is an avid tournament angler, life long fly fisherman and fly casting instructor.

Our Custom Bluewater Boat

The diverse areas we fish require boats that draws less than a foot of water, are very stable, and have enough free-board to run in the gulf for Tarpon. They must also be capable of being polled quietly in skinny water stalking redfish and Snook on the flats. Both of the boats we run provide a stable casting platform, have lots of deck space for our clients, and deliver a stable dry ride when the seas gets choppy. Both of our boats are 18 feet which has proven to be the perfect size for the waters we fish. We wanted you to see how much deck space our boats have and how easy they are to fish from. Both of our boats are equipped with the latest in electronics and electric trolling motors. You will be fishing from a boat that is purpose built for the type of fishing you will be doing on your charter with us.


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