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Fort Myers Fishing Guides - Working Hard For You

Meet Our Fort Myers Fishing Guides

What a Hawg Charters was founded by Capt. Eric Anderson who has been a fishing guide/charter captain since 1980. Along with his son Capt. Scott Anderson, they are product ambassadors for over 2 dozen fishing tackle and outdoor product companies. You can read more about each one in the sections below. Be sure to watch our show Lake 2 Sea Outdoors on YouTubeWatch our latest fishing and how to videos.

Fort Myers Fishing Guide - Capt. Eric Anderson

Fort Myers Fishing Guides Capt Eric Anderson is a full time Fort Myers fishing guide and Ft Myers Beach fishing guide. A resident of the Fort Myers area, where he spends  200+ days a year on the water. Capt Eric started guiding in 1980 and has been a fishing guide for everything from Trout to Tarpon in Colorado, Minnesota, Florida, and the Caribbean.

Early in his guiding career Capt Eric discovered a passion for writing about the fishing tactics and techniques he developed while guiding his fishing charter clients. Capt Eric has been a contributor to many outdoor publications including In-Fisherman, Walleye-Insider, All-At-Sea, and many others. In addition, Capt Eric has been featured on many nationally syndicated television and radio shows. He is an avid tournament angler, life long fly fisherman and fly casting instructor. Capt. Eric’s favorite charter is our Fort Myers Fly Fishing For Tarpon Charter. For the last 25 years Capt Eric has gone fly fishing for Tarpon every chance he gets.

Fort Myers Fishing Guide - Capt. Scott Anderson

Fort Myers Fishing Guides Capt. Scott AndersonFort Myers Fishing Guide & Fort Myers Beach Fishing Guide Capt Scott Anderson has been an avid angler his entire life. Scott won his first tournament at age 8, winning a prize and getting trophy sealed the deal for Scott.

He has become a skilled and dedicated multi species angler in his own right through years of hard work. Capt Scott had been guiding for 6 years and does an excellent job with younger anglers. Kids have a great time with Capt Scott and that helps take the pressure off the parents who can actually fish instead of try to keep an eye on the kids every minute. Capt. Scott’s favorite charter is our Fort Myers Shark  Fishing Charters.

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