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Top Frequently Asked Fishing Charter Questions

Here are always a few questions that come up all the time, below are the questions and answers, if after reading them please call or text us at 239-330-2427 and we will be glad to help. Click on the question below to display your answer, its lots faster than having to read thru an entire page of text.

Often we don’t know where we will meet you until 2 days before your charter. We will send you a text message to the phone number you entered on your reservation form.  The fish move around and we launch as close as possible to where we will be fishing. We want to minimize the time spent boat riding to maximize your fishing time.

NO – Your Florida fishing license is included with your charter fishing trip.

YES – At least 15%, Your captain works at least 2 hours preparing for your trip and at least 2 hours of cleaning after the charter. All to make sure you have the best day possible. How good the fishing is depends on the weather, tides, the angler’s experience, etc. Like any service industry professional, we depend on tips for a large part of our income.


NO – The waters we fish are generally very calm, similar to a lake. On those rare days when the wind blows hard the waves are just light lake type whitecaps. So you have no worries at all about getting sea sick.

There are no restroom facilities on board the boat, but there are restrooms where we meet you.

No – Our customers charter us because they want a private charter where they can enjoy having the boat and the captain to themselves. This allows us to make changes to their charter if the fishing is really great and they want to stay longer.

Our light tackle fishing charters are limited to a maximum of four people fishing. If someone wants to take turns fishing, then three people can fish at one time while having four people total on the fishing charter. As you can imagine having more than three people casting lures at the same time is a bad idea for a number of reasons.

A. On our Dolphin and Manatee Cruises the limit is 6 passengers.

Our fly fishing charters are limited to a maximum of two people fly fishing, and while there is room for one additional non-fishing passenger we discourage it. Its tough to be in the middle of the boat with a fly fisherman on the bow and stern. As you can imagine having more than two people fly fishing at the same time is a bad idea for a number of reasons.

We provide you with high quality rods and reels, both light tackle and fly fishing. We supply all the lures, baits, and any other tackle needed for our light tackle clients, and flies and leaders for our fly fishing clients. Included is ice cold bottled water, and a large cooler with ice for your personal beverages and snacks. We have a digital SLR camera to take high resolution photos of your catch. Feel free to bring soda or other drinks. We have plenty of room for them in the on-board cooler. Please plan on bringing your own food and snacks.

At a minimum you should bring the following items: Sun screen SPF30 or higher, Polarized sunglasses, a hat or visor, a lightweight jacket in the cooler months. Please plan on bringing your own food and snacks, we have room for them in our onboard cooler.

No – We have plenty of room in our on-board cooler for your beverages. Remember that we have limited storage space and we won’t have room to store your cooler.

We suggest that you leave your rod at home and let us provide your tackle. We supply you with the correct rod and reel combination for the fishing you will be doing.

Yes you can bring your own fly rod and reel, but please remember that we will be providing you with top quality Fly Rods and Reels. If you feel the need to bring your own gear, then you will need at least a 9 foot, 9 weight rod with a floating line. For our big Gulf Of Mexico Tarpon and Snook fishing charters in Ft Myers a 12 wt rod is a must, you never know when that giant is going to come along and I hate to see clients using their own rod and loose a big fish because their rod was not heavy enough to handle the fish at a critical moment.

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