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If the date you want to book is less than 10 days from today’s date, you MUST call or text us BEFORE YOU BOOK to check availability!

If the above doesn’t apply to your charter go ahead book your charter right now,  no waiting to check for availability – Please use use all three date fields if possible. If you are flexible on your dates we NEED TO KNOW so we can allow for bad weather or schedule conflicts. Please read our payment policies and passenger info below.

Deposit Policy
We require a $100 deposit to reserve your charter. Process your deposit using the secure PayPal gateway for your protection. Our corporate name is Bananaquit Partners, you will see this name on your credit card statements.

Cancellation Policy
Your deposit is 100% refundable until 48 hours before your charter. If you cancel your charter with less than 48 hrs notice, you will forfeit your deposit.

Refund Policy
Please allow up to 30 days to see a refund on your credit card statement. Credit Card companies are taking anywhere from 5 to 10 business days to process our refund request. We  process refunds as our charter schedule permits, and we send you an email the day we process your refund.

Cancellation At Captains Discretion
If the weather is inclement, or some other last minute event or emergency occurs Captain Eric may have to cancel your charter. In the unlikely event that this happens we will refund your deposit in full.

Payment Options
We process credit cards  with the PayPal Payment gateway. You now give you the option of using a credit card or your PayPal account, and we do not store any of your CC info on our site. You can pay the balance by cash or credit card before or after your charter.

Life Preserver Laws - Passengers Age 12 & Under
There are 2 different rules covering life preservers, Coast Guard and Florida. As a Charter Boat we must follow the Coast Guard Rule. It States " On a vessel that is underway, children under 13 years of age must wear an appropriate U S Coast Guard-approved life jacket.

Fishing With Kids Under 13  Yrs Old
It has been our experience that kids under age 13 don't have the hand-eye coordination needed to cast effectively. In addition kids under 13 don't have the situational awareness of where the lure is at the start of a cast. This results in a much greater chance of them accidentally hooking someone else on board.

Passenger Limits
Our fishing charter rates are based on  3 people. If you choose to add a 4th passenger, but only 3 people can be fishing at the same time for your safety and to maximize your fishing fun. If you think about it, having more than three people trying to cast lures at the same time is never a good idea. There is a $40 charge for the 4th passenger.

Departure Times
From Nov to May we have negative tides most of the time. For example if a normal low tide is zero, a negative would be -1 foot. This makes it very hard to get around on the flats until the tide comes in. During this time of the year the tide has come in enough to get out by 10am on average.  Our goal is to have you fishing at the best time to be on the water based on the conditions.

Book Your Charter

This is the booking page for all of our charter sites.  It insures that reservations are managed by a master form to prevent booking errors.

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