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Fishing For Flathead Catfish At Night

Fishing at night for big Flathead Catfish. We show you how to rig for maximum success. See a 32lb Flathead and lots of other Flathead’s get caught one after another. The techniques we used will help to make you a better catfish angler no mater where you live, or the bodies of water you fish. The principles of fishing for catfish of all kinds apply across the country
We originally shot this for Fox Sports Arizona in early 2001 and because of the events of Sept 11th it never aired. Great catfish techniques no matter where you live. Get the best live bait you can for catching Flatheads. They don’t like fresh cut bait nearly as much, especially the fish over 20 lbs. We have over 20 more shows coming plus the new video we are shooting in FL. There is fantastic fishing for catfish in Northern Florida, check it out and let us know.

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