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Fort Myers Fishing Report – Mar 28th 2020

Fort Myers Fishing Report Overview

In today’s Fort Myers fishing report we wanted to cover a quick and easy method to catch a bunch of fish and have a great time. This time of the year there are large numbers of Spanish mackerel in the Fort Myers area passes and of course the ever present ladyfish.

Great Fishing Spots In Fort Myers

The sand flats bordering the channel in all of the Estero Bay passes from big Carlos to Wiggins are where you want to start fishing. Also be on the lookout for the remaining schools of large black drum that are just finishing spawning and heading back out into the Gulf. They have been seen coming in and out of all the Fort Myers passes mentioned above and will readily bite a jig that is quickly snapped in front of them

Lures and Presentation

Head out to the Fort Myers pass of your choice and drift across the flat with either the incoming or outgoing tide, just make ure there is good moving water. Start casting a jig rigged with soft plastic or a spoon and retrieving it quickly. Spoons produce better when you retrieve them quickly and give your rod tip just a slight twitch on the retrieve that will make it jump ahead in speed usually will turn followers into biters. You can have some fast action fishing that can last for hours, and everybody would rather be catching then fishing especially kids. Some days it may be all ladyfish other days it may be all Spanish mackerel but either way the object here is to catch a bunch of fish. There are some really big schools of ladyfish lately that just never seem end.

Be sure you use a light action spinning rod or a five wt fly rod in order to appreciate just how sporty these fish can be. It’s a good idea to use some 30 pound titanium wire for a leader. It is such fine diameter that I believe it’s less visible than fluorocarbon and with these fish it really doesn’t matter. You just don’t want to be donating  lures to the Spanish mackerel, and the corner of the mouth in ladyfish are nearly as sharp as mackerel teeth and can easily cut 10 to 15 pound leader.

If you know people in your neighborhood that rarely have the chance to go fishing this is the perfect chance to introduce them to fast action catching instead of waiting and waiting for a bite. Take advantage of this opportunity to break out your video camera and get record the action. Often you’re in the moment, helping anglers catch and cast to see how much fun they are truly having. We often get so absorbed with catching a specific species or a trophy, it’s easy to forget the pure joy a new angler has when the fish are biting on every cast. So head out to your favorite Fort Myers pass and be sure to take your kids, there’s no better way to give them a lasting memory

Tight Lines…
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Capt Eric Anderson
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