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Fort Myers Fishing Reports – A Better Format

We are bringing back our Fort Myers fishing reports due to a lack of up to date Fishing reports available for the Fort Myers area on the web and the fact that the last thing you are interested in is what someone caught last week or last moth.  Our goal with these fishing reports is to give anglers that are interested in fishing in the Fort Myers area get a decent Fort Myers fishing report with information they put to use when they go fishing. Everything in saltwater fishing boils down to a three variables, number one is water temperature, second is water clarity, and third in saltwater is the tide. While the same can be said for anywhere you go fishing, the main difference is the tides. They play a huge part on fish activity partly because the depth can change drastically over a short period of time and make the fish move even when they don’t want to.

Lure Selection Based On Conditions

Once you feel you have a handle on the weather the second is to decide what you’re going to use for lures or bait, and while this is a more subjective variable you still have to take into consideration the climactic variables we mentioned above in order to make an intelligent choice when it comes to selecting the right lure or bait. Just because something worked the other day doesn’t mean that the fish will have anything to do with it the next time you go out. That could be for no other reason than the retrieve is too fast.

Putting A Pattern Together

This is probably the area of fishing where most anglers struggle, trying to put together the right bait and correct presentation to match the current conditions. Our Fort Myers fishing reports will stress this specific topic in every report so that you can feel confident when you go fishing that your lure choice will match the current conditions and give you a real chance at having a great day on the water.

Help Choosing The Correct Lure

In each Fort Myers fishing report we are going to cover a specific lure that we been using lately with decent success and tell you how we were fishing it. That’s half the battle right there and will try to help you with location tactics so that your in the right place at the right time with the right bait. Let’s face it that’s the key to being a successful fisherman no matter where you’re located, and as I mentioned previously can be one of the most difficult concepts for anglers to grasp and implement.

Future-Cast Looking Ahead 5-10 Days

Were also going to try to look into our crystal ball based on long-range weather forecasts and tides. Hopefully we can point you in the right direction so that when it’s time for you to go out on your own you can feel confident that your timing is right and that you’re making the right choices on lures and location. Since we are on the water five or more days a week, we are in touch with the latest fish movements and water conditions on a daily basis. Its nice to know that when you book us for your next Fort Myers Fishing charter, you are booking the Fort Myers fishing guides that are willing to take the time to help local anglers be successful on their next fishing trip.

Good Luck and Tight Lines
Capt Eric Anderson
Capt Scott Anderson
What A Hawg Charters, Fort Myers FL

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