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Product Review Of Fish-D-Funk Wipes


Stop Fish Odor With Fish-D-Funk

Product Reviews Photo - Fish D Funk WipesThere are countless odor elimination products on the market today. The better ones use either odor neutralization technology or odor counteraction technology. Both technologies work at the molecular level and both are effective. But nobody had successfully combined these technologies until D-Funk!

At ICAST 2015 I came across the most unique product to deal with the stinky topic of fish order. No one like to clean fish or deal with smelly live bait like squid for example. Why? Easy… It’s impossible to get the fish odor off of your hands for what seems like days. We’ve all tried the various home remedies, strange metal bars that look like soap and countless other products guaranteed to get the odor off. I’m happy to report that there actually is a pleasant to use product that really does neutralize fish odor once and for all. Usually when you find something that works using it is so unpleasant that the fish odor doesn’t seem so bad.

Fish-D-Funk is a moist towelette that with a single wipe neutralizes and removes the nastiest fish odor you can imagine. In addition to the Fish-D-Funk product Contec, inc. also has some equally unique products to deal with other of life’s less pleasant odors. Thee is Boat-D-Funk, Dog-D-Funk, and a truly unique product for cleaning guns with no nasty solvent smell. Last but not least there is one a lot other personal favorites Cooler-D-Funk for those times when you forget those last three pieces of fresh shrimp until the next morning when they are not smelling so fresh anymore.

You owe it to yourself to contact the company and buy a sample, you’ll be glad you did the minute you finish cleaning some fish, or your cooler.
Here’s the company’s contact information:

Contec Inc.
525 Locust Grove
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Reviewed By:
Capt Eric Anderson
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