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Fort Myers Fishing Popping Corks For Spec Trout

How To Fish A Popping Cork. We are fishing with a new design in Popping Corks here In Fort Myers For Spec Trout. New Popping Cork design, hollow bubble with brass beads inside. Incredible noise with almost no effort from the angler. One of our goals at Lake 2 Sea Outdoor is to show you new fishing techniques that we developed during the course of taking clients on our Fort Myers Fishing Charters. Using popping corks is nothing new, but I’m sure most of you use it as a slow presentation with live bait. We are proud to introduce to you this hollow plastic “float” since obviously it isn’t made of Styrofoam. The float has too brass beads inside that make a tremendously appealing rattle to all game fish. It has been our experience watching clients fish this float that pretty much everything that swims is attracted to the noise it makes, and it seems like it makes very little difference on the choice of lure attached. It’s my guess that if you have never thought of a popping corks as a warm water fast presentation, but as you can see, its impossible to fish it to fast. By keeping the leader short 2 or 3 feet, the lure will run just under the surface behind the bubble, which is the perfect presentation. The noise gets their attention and then they immediately see your lure. I believe the noise and the splash of the court appear to be a squirrel of bait and your lure is the straggler and is an easy target.

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