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Trolling For Yellow Perch

Although it isn’t often used by most fishermen trolling for yellow perch can be one of the very most effective ways to catch a bunch of nice jumbo Yellow perch. Sometimes the very biggest Perch in the lake or reservoir will be deep and hard to reach except by trolling a bottom bouncer. Use the same techniques you would to troll for Walleyes, and you’ll be all set even in lakes where walleyes are not present. This is especially effective in brush and weeds, you can keep your bait just above the cover simply by adjusting how many times you reel up after the sinker hits bottom. Devils Lake in North Dakota is exactly the place this technique is super effective, just look deeper for the perch then the walleyes. The show was shot in 2001 when we were producing a show to air on broadcast TV, then 9/11 happened and everyone’s priorities changed. There are lots of shows coming so please leave us subscribe, leave us a comment, give us a thumbs up. We are in the process of shooting lots of new content and were sure you’ll find it very informative.

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