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Fort Myers Fishing Report – July 11th 2020

The Fort Myers weather since our last Fort Myers fishing report has remained pretty much unchanged. Finally we are getting back into our normal summer pattern which is east northeast  prevailing winds. This brings the moisture from the East Coast across the state where it collides with the West Coast afternoon sea breeze giving us our daily afternoon hit or miss thunderstorms. The rains in the afternoon have already started dropping the water surface temperature in the bays and back country creeks, and the fishing has improved drastically as a result. The real benefit of our normal east northeast wind is that it tends to pull clear up the water in the Gulf and as the water in the bays and estuaries will clear up.

The Snook fishing in the Fort Myers area has really taken off the last few days, the first light top water bite has been outstanding. It’s not unusual to have 20 Snook mornings the key is to be to the spot you want to start fishing when it is just barely light enough to see which varies a little from day-to-day because the days are getting shorter. If you are proficient with a zero spook that probably the number one top water rate, really any of the walked the dog type lures are fine. The important things that you are proficient enough to use the lure properly, because of the warm water the fish are mostly interested in a fast-moving bait so you need to be able to make the lure performs  a fast zig – zag this lure requires to be effective. The other bait that has been nearly as effective is any top water with a prop on the tail, these baits are extremely easy to fish just cast amount and reel them in fast. Need to keep your rod tip up so that the Lure just skims the surface. just remember not to set the hook until you feel the weight of the fish on your line regardless of how many times the fish strikes at the bait. The old saying is ” reel till you feel” then set the hook, also Tarpon are very fond of these tail prop top water baits. Over the years our clients have caught many Tarpon while we were Snook fishing, or fishing the flats for spec trout. So always be ready for a giant strike and remember again, don’t set the hook tell you feel the fish and that is particularly true with Tarpon, just keep that bait moving at the same speed or faster.  I’ve given you a lot to think about in this Fort Myers fishing report, and we will continue discussing different presentations that will make a difference in your summer fishing success. Remember get out early because by about 10 AM It is very hot and the fishing really slows down.

See you on the water!
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