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Fort Myers Fishing Report – Mar 21st 2020

Fishing Report Overview March 21st

the weather conditions for this week were favorable for fishing in Fort Myers for Snook, sea trout, Spanish mackerel, and ladyfish. With the temperatures being in the mid to upper 80s for the high for the last 7 days it has warmed up the water temperatures to around 79°. The wind forecast has also made for favorable fishing conditions with the wind only blowing with gusts around 10 miles an hour at the most. This has let the water quality clear up and as a result the fishing has gotten better. The only issue has been with some of the negative tides that can cause the shallow flats to get stirred up with sediment off the bottom and this reduces the water quality and negatively impacts the fishing.

Fort Myers Fishing Report – Current Conditions

the current fishing conditions have been relatively good for this time of year. The water is starting to clear up with less negative tides and lower wind. We have been catching a lot of sea trout and ladyfish on the flats and near oyster bars. We have also been catching some nice Spanish mackerel, gag groupers, and sea trout near the South end of Fort Myers Beach. There has been reports of some big schools of 30 pound black drum coming in from the Gulf and feeding near the passes. We had been catching most of our ladyfish and trout using popping corks and gulp shrimp. The trout and ladyfish have been moving around in large schools but once you find a school you can catch one almost every cast. On some of the flats that are near the channels of the inter-coastal waterway there have been a lot of pelican and other seabird activity feeding on bait fish. Some of these flocks of birds have also been accompanied by schools of 5 pound jack crevalle. We throw a top water lure into the schools of busting birds and have had good success with catching these jacks. In order to target these schools of fish in the shallows it is important to have a boat that draws less than a foot of water because many of these schools have been feeding in as shallow as 6 inches of water.

Fort Myers fishing report outlook for the next few days

The weather conditions for the next few days look very favorable for fishing in the Fort Myers area. The low temperatures for the next 7 days are in the upper 60s, and the highs will be in the upper 80s for the next 4 days going up into the low 90s for the next 3 days after that. These weather conditions should help warm up the water temperatures to the low 80° which will likely cause the local Tarpon to become more active feeding during the day. The wind cast for the next 7 days is also favorable with peak wind being only 10 to 14 miles an hour for certain days, this should help keep the water clarity out in the Gulf as well as in the bay fairly clear for the next 7 days. Also there doesn’t seem to be a likely chance of rain the next 7 days so you don’t have to worry about canceling your fishing trip based on weather. The best time to go fishing this week based on the tides for each day is between 9am and 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Each day this week has an incoming tide starting around 9 o’clock in the morning and peaking at around 4 PM which would make it the best time to be out on the water each day this week.

Report By:
Capt Scott Anderson
What A Hawg Charters – Fort Myers, FL

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