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Fort Myers Fishing Report – Mar 6th 2020

Fishing Report Overview March 6th

With the cold fronts that we’ve been having since the last week of February and the first week of March, there has been a drastic change in the water temperature and water clarity in the Fort Myers area. The water temperatures went from the mid-to upper 70s down to the mid to lower 60s within a week. This has really shut down the fish in the bay. The dirty water combined with cold temperatures has made for several tough trips out on the water. There are some pockets of cleaner water found in isolated areas of the bay that aren’t as affected by the wind or tidal flow, and these areas have been a haven for many fish such as sea trout and ladyfish. Unless you find these areas of cleaner water it has been very difficult to catch anything but catfish in the bay for the last week.

Fort Myers Fishing Report – Current Conditions

It has been very windy and with the low to negative tides that we have been having over the last few days the water clarity in the Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach area has been very poor. Resulting in low numbers of fish being caught. The water gets dirtier as the high winds stir up sentiment off the bottom and the fish have a hard time finding your lure. The water has started to clear up in certain parts of the bay, but the majority of the water in the Fort Myers area is still very cloudy with sentiment. On our last charter we were able to catch a lot of trout and ladyfish in certain sections of Fort Myers, while other parts of the bay had almost no fish activity whatsoever.

Fort Myers Fishing Report – Outlook For The Next Few Days

The fishing for the next few days is going to be intermittent due to the drop in the low temperature for the next 2 days. We are going to have a low of 49° on Friday and 50° on Saturday which is going to drop the water temperatures at least 5° in some parts of the Fort Myers area. The water temperature drop is not as much of a concern as the wind forecast which is likely to stir up the water even more and cause reduce visibility which will have a negative impact on the fishing in Fort Myers.
Report By:
Capt Scott Anderson
What A Hawg Charters – Fort Myers, FL

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